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Optical Engineer


By:Lethujan KanagaratnamTo:Mrs ShintaniSNC2D04-28-14


Training/Education RequirmentsA) To become an optical engineer it is essential that you fulfill the education and training requirements. It is necessary to have a bachelor or master’s degree in engineering or other related field from a college or university. Optical engineers must have a complete understanding of engineering and physics due to the high skill demand in the field. Due to technological advancement additional training with tools in workshops may be required.

How is Optics used in ths Career?C) Optics is the study of light and vision and how they behave. Optical engineers use optics to figure out how light can be used in different ways such as in optical devices. An optical device is a device that is used for producing or controlling light. Since optical engineers develop and design optical devices they need to use optics to figure out if the device works.

Job ProspectsD) There is a great need for optical engineers. There is an increase in the use of optics within engineering and various applications that utilize this technology. The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reports that careers in engineering are expected to grow by eleven percent from 2008 to 2018. Due to the rise in job opportunities an individual going into optical engineering can find a job easily.

Job DescriptionB) Optical engineers view new ideas of devices and figure out how to make them work or function better. They plan the development and design of light and optics related devices. These include mirrors, lenses, lasers, masers, infrared, and other light emitting and light sensitive devices. They need to know about the physics of light and how light reacts to materials and the outside world. They control, direct and manipulate light to behave in a certain way so the device they are developing can work.


Average Salary of JobsIn USD as of Apr 27, 2014Optical Engineer: $76,000 45k 90k 135k


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