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NASA Contest
NASA Contest

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Show how the Spinoff works, discuss how your work compares to the work of engineers and scientists, describe learning from failure, and ways you’d improve your design in this video.

Our spinoff is creating a duel battey on the electric cars. The process go when daylight the car absorbs the energy from the sun but at night time you dont have any solar energy because there is no sun to harnest the energy it gives. Creating a dual battery means when the battery being used currently a second battery is charging. when night time comes you dont have to get worried your electric car having to fuel to get to the other side you can used the spare battery that was charging when you were currently using. A problem that everyone has on an electric car that it needs solar energy to run it but in nights and weather conditions electric cars don't function. So for solving this problem we created a two battery electric charging car for short a " 2BECC".

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?Spinoff technology is a modified version of orignial idea. Our spinoff is self charging electric car. It will give a more efficent charge session and will last the battery longer than a regular electric car. It has two batteries, when one is full and one is empty it will autumaticly switch to the next one then boostin the battery life by 2 times.

Be a Researcher

Create your Own Spinoff

Design Review

Identify a Spinoff technology that you will modify to create your own Spinoff technology. Tell us about the Spinoff and how it works.

Include your prototype, the process of building your model, ways to improve the design and strengths and weaknesses in the video. Be sure to identify criteria and constraints you followed and discuss which criteria was the most difficult to meet.

Feel free to create your own template, but be sure to follow the rubric.

Post photographs or drawings of the original Spinoff technology.

Include sketches and examples of your brainstormed ideas.


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