OPSPARC Grades 7 - 12 GLOG, InWorld Presentation, Template

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OPSPARC Grades 7 - 12 GLOG, InWorld Presentation, Template

Mission Patch

Problem Statement:To provide an easy-to-carry / use refrigerator for the 1/4th of the World's population that are unable to access electricity.

Spinoff Technology 1. Spinoff technology is technology applied to solve a problem for something different other than what it was originally meant for. 2. Two James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) technology that we will be modifying for our own use are Cryocooler and Sunshield Membrane Coating. 3. Out of the four JWST scientific instruments, only one needs the temperature to be less than 7 kelvin to operate correctly because the detectors are formulated differently than the other detectors. This JWST instrument is the Mid-infrared Instrument, or the MIRI. And the Cryocooler is brought to JWST to specifically cool the MIRI detectors. There are four different pieces of the Cryocooler that work together to ultimately deliver the coldest refrigerated helium gas through a small tube, which is connected to the backside of the MIRI detectors, resulting in cooling the detectors to about 6.2 kelvin. The Sunshield Membrane Coating is used to reflect the sun's heat back to space, which protects JWST from the sun's heat, and keeps JWST materials cool. The first two layers, which receives the most heat, is covered with the highest emissivity of doped-silicon coating to maximize the stoppage of the sun's heat. Highly-reflective aluminum coating is applied to the other three layers to help reflect the other remaining energy out through the gaps of the layers.

Criteria:-Easy to carry-Refrigerator temperature: four degrees Celsius -Reflect heat to keep food cool Constraints: -Time-Budget-Materials Most difficult criteria to meet:-Refrigerator temperature: four degrees Celsius -Since we are unable to access the technology used in the James Webb Space Telescope it will be difficult to model the temperature with our lack of specific materials.



Our üFridge!

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