OPSPARC Grades 7 - 12 GLOG, InWorld Presentation AJJ3 AJJ4 AJJ6

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OPSPARC Grades 7 - 12 GLOG, InWorld Presentation AJJ3 AJJ4 AJJ6

Criteria and ConstraintsThe cost of the CryoChiller needs to be reasonably priced to be able to compete with modern day refrigerators. We also need to make sure the technology will work with freezer/fridge combinations. Making our design into a freezer/fridge combo will be the most difficult to accomplish because it will require two thermoacoustic chambers instead of just one.

SPINOFFSSpinoff technologies are products that were originally developed for exploring and analyzing space then used to help everyday people do daily tasks such as keeping your home warm or finding better ways to transport water around the world. These technologies include tablets, drones, and even the humble plastic.CRYOCOOLERThe original JWST tech cryocooler was used to cool the delicate technologies on the JWST. Though it cooled many things, the primary purpose and most concentrated cooling power was focused on the Mid-Infrared Instrument, or MIRI, while in space so that MIRI can effectively see the red-shifted light of distant galaxies, newly formed stars, barely visible comets and other distant objects in the cosmos.

Problem StatementHow can the NASA cryocooler technology be used to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerator?

Design Review


Mission Patch


Team RepresentativesAJJ6AJJ4AJJ3 Coach deborah.morgan@seviersd.org

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Final Design

TEAM MEMBERS Hi, I'm AJJ4 I enjoy playing the clarinet in our school's band. My favorite color is black. This is my third year participating in a national STEM competition and I love it. I'm looking at pursuing career goals in a scientific related field like forensic science .My roles on this team are Team Manager, Researcher, Writer, and Designer.Hi, I'm AJJ6. I'm also a clarinetist in our school band and play tennis for the school’s team. My favorite color is blue. This is also my third year in a national STEM competition. I’m interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. My roles on this team are Chief Writer, Researcher, and Videographer.Hi, I'm AJJ3. I play trumpet in my school's band. My favorite color is green. This is my second time doing a STEM competition. I'm looking forward to pursuing something engineering or computer science related as my career goal. My roles on this team are Chief Designer, Engineer , Researcher.OUR MISSION PATCHOur mission patch symbolizes different aspects of ourselves as well as the spin-off technology project we have created. Each of the colors on the patch represent our favorite colors. The fridge in the center of the patch represents our mission and what we are trying to accomplish. The green ring circling the center of the patch reflects our environmentally friendly purpose. The outer rim includes our names to show the members of our team as well as the name of the challenge. The center is blue with ice cubes and snowflakes showing the properties of the CryoChiller. The music notes represent two different things, the first being each of our passions for the musical arts and the second showing how the energy is being produced through thermoacoustic technology . Last, but not least, in the center, above the refrigerator, is our CryoChiller logo. This represents the spin-off technology and brand we are trying to incorporate as a team.

Design Process

Select a DesignAfter exploring many possibilities, we decided to use the cryocooler technology. We further researched this technology along with other current technologies to narrow our focus and approach. We decided on a thermoacoustic refrigerator that could use JWST spin-off technology to create a more quiet, efficient, and environmentally friendly cooling device.

Brainstorm Possible SolutionsWe investigated the different technologies of the James Webb Space Telescope. Through our research we discovered that the Sunshield and the Sunshield Membrane Coating were too overused to invest in further. After looking into the Microshutters we found that they were so specifically designed for the purpose in which they serve, that it would be difficult to apply it elsewhere. We felt that the Cryogenic Data Acquisition Integrated Circuit did not provide enough information for us to continue looking into it. With the Backplane we felt that we couldn’t find another reasonable use for it.

Hey you!Need some fun in your life watch our blooper video here

Research NotesFor more interesting research on the Cryochiller and other aspects of our project click here


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