OPSPARC Grades 3-6 Sreekar Bheemavarapu

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OPSPARC Grades 3-6 Sreekar Bheemavarapu

By: Sreekar BheemavarapuGrade 4.Coach: Ms. Walker

Spinoff technologies are everyday products made from old NASA technology.

One Spinoff is a sensor that lets you know when to water your plants. It works by sensing if the plant needs water and if it does it sends a text to the user's phone. Spinoff two is Memory Foam mattresses: Memory Foam Mattresses work by evenly spreading your weight around the mattress which helps your back posture. Spinoff three is freeze drying. Freeze dried foods are are cooked and quickly frozen. Once reheated, they keep 98% of their nutritional value.

My prototype works like a dehumidifier. It takes the moisture from the air through vents and turns it into water, which is stored at the bottom. The spinoff would be powered by a solar panel on top. The solar panel and the vent system are both examples of spinoffs.

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