OPSPARC - From H2NO to h2O

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OPSPARC - From H2NO to h2O

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Constraint - Cost and Compatibility with older school water systemsCriteria - Change in pH levels of the water

Problem StatementIn many, public schools water fountains have pH imbalances due to impurities in the water. If children drink this water regularly, they are at greater risk of developing certain illnesses.

Chosen Spinoff Technology:We selected the 1994, Water Purification (Carribean Clear) spinoff technology. The Caribbean Clear Controller was designed for commercial pools and water parks. The technology sanitized water and gave feedback control of pH.

Possible Solutions1. Create a sensor that detects impurities in water fountains. 2. Create a stick-on bottle that filters the water in a continuous cycle and detects pH imbalances.

Chosen SolutionWe will create a filtration jar that will filter the water in a continuous cycle absorbing the impurities found inthe impure water.

How does our spinoff relate ?Our product will purify public school systems' water by detecting impurities such as chlorine, copper, and bromine.

Plan, Build, Test, Refine, and Share the Design

Engineering a New Innovation That Uses JWST Technology

Design Review

Researching James Webb Space Telescope Technology and/or Spinoffs

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From H2NO to H2O

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