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Facts(1-10)/Accomplishments(11-13)1. She was so poor she wore dresses made of potato sacks2. She had pet cockroaches and other bugs3. Both Oprah's sister and brother died4. She was pregnant at 13 but her baby was premature and died after birth5. In 2010, she learned she had and second half-sister6.She created "The O" an Oprah magazine7. Oprah led a very popular and successful book club8. Created a charity called the "Angel Network"9. Her Talk Show ran for 25 seasons 10. Oprah played Sofia in"The Color Purple"11. #12 on Forbe's Powerful Women List 12. The Greatest American poll from 2005 named Oprah the greatest American Woman13. She considers starting a girls school in Africa one of her greatest achievements

A reenactment of the famous "Oprah WinfreyShow" where she interviews an enthusiastic Tom Cruise

Beliefs/ValuesSelf-expression: Her TV show gave her the opportunity to openly laugh, cry, and show emotion onstage. The chance to connect with people who attended her show served as an outlet for both her guests and herself to express their feelings and opinions. Human interactions/Relationships: Oprah was seen as relatable, kind, and caring on television.The way she interacted with people on the show made them want to open up and share their stories. She took her job as a way to reach out to others and help them with their troubles.Diversity: The interviews on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" were not limited whatsoever. She brought in the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.Poverty, disease, drug abuse, and family drama were all featured on her tv show.Empathy: Her empathy for each guest was unquestionable. She used her past difficulties to speak as if she understood exactly what they were going through.Personal Growth: She used her difficult life experiences as a way to reach others dealing with hardships and make a differnce in their lives. Every part of Oprah's life shows how she turned the negative into positive, cultivating personal growth along the way."The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams" -Oprah"Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher"-Oprah Winfrey

Hardships-When she worked up the courage to speak out about it, her family reacted in disbelief and refused to support or belive her-Due to her constant moving, Oprah was enrolled in several differnet high schools which made it difficult for her to remain organized and become comfortable with her surroundings-Her mother enrolled her in a rich white school which led to to steal from her family in attempt to fit in economically-Local black media station WVOL hired her, but she proved too sentimental for journalism-Her dream professional setting was dominated by white males

Oprah's Dream:The chance to make a connection with others, to share her story, and to lend a hand on the platform of television.

Hardships- Oprah's single mother could not take care of her so she was sent to live with her grandmother in extreme poverty. -Civil rights had not yet been enforced and she lived in the rural south where fear, hate and crime were part of daily life.-The poverty and racial discrimination left Oprah with little educational opportunies.-Oprah was sent back to her mother who was even less helpful and supportive than her grandmother when it came to academics.-The strain proved too difficult on her mother who then sent Oprah to her father's home where she was physically and sexually abused by multiple men.

" Turn your wounds into wisdom"-Oprah Winfrey

"I believe one of life's greatest risks is never daring to take the risk"

"You become what you believe"



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