Opportunity Cost Assignment

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Opportunity Cost Assignment

Three years ago, my husband and I made a decision to take our children out of after school childcare so that they could spend more quality time with their mom and dad. We knew that it would take a sacrifice of income to do so we devised a plan to recover the lost income plus some. The logical answer was for me to go back to college so that I could earn financial advancement on my job. Yet another trade off! In 6 months, I will have enough credits to receive a raise on my job, and in 9 months I will be closer to a career change that will yield greater income. As you consider your event, use mine as practice in finding the opportunity costs and the trade offs.unun

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1) Review the section in your notes and the powerpoint on Opportunity Costs.2) Consider a recent event that presented you with an "opportunity cost moment."3) Create a school appropriate glog that you can share with the class. Be sure to detail the choice and the thought process that went into the decision that you finally made.

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