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#13 OphiuchusNickname: Serpentarius(By: Ian Kromer)


Asclepius' staff

Imhotep Relic


Sign of Ophiuchus

HistoryOphiuchus has many different backgrounds, but the most common origin states that it began as an Egyptian man named Imhotep who lived in 250 BCE. He was also called Asklepios, which means "to cut open." This was because he was named by his father after he was cut from the stomach of his dead mother, who died during labor. Later, he learned the practice of medicine by watching one snake treat another with healing herbs. Asklepios grew so skilled in the art that he was able to restore the dead to life. However, because this was a crime against the natural order, Hades convinced Zeus to destroy him with a thunderbolt. After his death Asklepios was placed with the stars as the constellation Ophiuchus. His mother was also placed in the stars as Corvus, the crow. The constellation itself was discovered by Ptolemy in the 2nd Century.

Ophiuchus' Stars1.Alpha Ophiuchi2.Eta Ophiuchi3.Zeta Ophiuchi4.Delta Ophiuchi5.Barnard's Star6. Kepler's Star

InterestingsFacts1. The constellation contains a supernova.2. It also contains the second closest star to the Earth.3. Ophiuchus is the only zodiac linked to a human.4. The constellation actually contains another constellation known as Serpens.

Zodiac Calendar


Zeta Ophiuchi:Type: Blue Main seq.Mag: 2.54Dist.: 366 light yearsSurf.Temp.: 34,000 K

Alpha Ophiuchi:Type:White SubgiantMag: 2.08Dist: 47 light yearsSurf.Temp.: 8,500 K

Delta Ophiuchi:Type: Red GiantMag: 2.73Dist.: 171 light yearsSurf.Temp.:4,918 K

Barnard's Star:Type: Red DwarfMag: 9.54Dist.: 6 light yearsSurf.Temp.: 3,134 K

Eta Ophiuchi:Type:White SubgiantMag: 2.43Dist.: 88 light yearsSurf.Temp.: 8,900 K

Johannes Kepler in 1604.


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