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To: Future Grade Nine Students.......The book Ophelia is an engaging, romantic book, filled with dark secrets and many twists.

Author: Lisa Klein

Hamlet:-Prince of Denmark -blue eyes -drak haired -thinks a lot -loving -madness -enigmatic -questions -madman -careless-jokes -active -talkative -behaves rashly -nice

A Poem About Sticky Notes:Notes on paper must be stickyIf not it will be very tricky.Many colours, shapes and sizesThese sticky notes are reading startegies and winning prizes.You will improve as a reader It keeps you organized and will make you be proud like a leader.The sticky notes will help you stay neatAnd help your essay turn into a treat.You can place a million in your novel without it being trouble.As it will help identify your course questions and will not make you stumbleThe fresh, sticky, squared paper will be a great guideSo....make sure to include them and your teacher will be fillled with pride.

The two reading strategies that I found the most helpful was taking notes and placing sticky notes on quotes which is also known as the literary luminary.

There are many reading strategies that must be used when reading this book.

I used many sticky notes and even used different colours for each course question. The first course question was pink, the second was yellow and then the third was blue.


Taking Notes:The goal is to write notes on important events and key factors that might need to be brought up, considered and remembered. It is good to write key ideas while your reading and after each chapter.

A reimagining of Shakespeare's famous play Hamlet, author Lisa Klein writes the book in Ophelia's point of view. Ophelia is a beautiful and witty woman that cathces the eye of Prince Hamlet. They secretly love each other but problems and bloddy deeds arise, as Elsinore Denmark turns into a place of madness. Ophelia is now forced to come up with a plan......

What is the Book About?

The literary luminary:The goal is to gather special quotes and sections in the book.Usually they are inspirational and significant. While reading you can use sticky notes to keep track of these quotes.

"I believe that a virtuous mind outlasts the fleeting beauty of youth and thus is more desirable." (Klein 55)

"I find that my feelings... lie too deep for words, only... God be with you."(Klein 225)

"I sigh to think of the insecure state of women, who must always abide the earthly authority of men." (Klein 253)

"No, dear friend; this journey belongs to me. One who dies muct corss the river Lethe alone. And though I live still, from this world I must go."(Klein 232)

"Like one who digs a tunnel beneath a fortress, I would undermine his revenge, not aid it." (Klein 130)

2014.Dear future garde nine students, When reading the novel Ophelia taking notes while reading is an excellent strategy to help pick up important parts of the text. As a reader I improved a lot because it is a helpful startegy to help me organize and comprhend ideas. After you finish reading the book all your key ideas are already laid out so you do not need to look through the book again. While looking at the key events written down in the notes it also becomes easier to identify which course question it fits under. It also shows how much information you have for each course question. For example, you may have lots of points for your first course question compared to your second. Therfore when reading taking notes on a seperate sheet of paper is a phenominal strategy that worked very well for me. To sum up, it oragnazies information and improves your reading skills. Yours Truly, Daniela D.

Ophelia:-witty -beautiful -expert in plants and herbs -looking for love -smart -virtue -well spoken -filled with courage -trusthworthy-loving - kind -speaks wisdom and reason

"I realize that for the first time since I have to come to St.Emilion, I am not dwelling in the past but anticipating, without dread, the future." (Klein 275)

"Ophelia, my dear, you are hearing God's call."(Klein 275)

Horatio:-a loyal friend to both Hamlet and Ophelia -nice -honorable -loves Ophelia from a far - helpful -kind -thoughtful -sweet -silent-hovers over Hamlet -red hair -brown eyes -loving

Bloody Deeds











Hope you read the book ;)



Hidden love



In 1996 the movie Hamlet came out and actress Kate Winslet played Ophelia....this video has"Ophelia" singing because Hamlet killed her father, as this happens in the book as well.....



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