Operation Wonka

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Operation Wonka

Current Events"Operation Wonka"By: Victoria Jankus

Will "Operation Wonka" Suceed?

Where Is "Operation Wonka" Being Held And Who Invented It?

What Would A World Without Chcolate Be Like?

Why Is The World Running Out Of Chocolate?

What Is "Operation Wonka"?

A world without chocolate, now that wouldnt be a world I would live in. In my opinion, gift giving would be a lot harder. Usually when your giving a gift, it may be a box of chocolates, or it may be a side gift to say, "I love you". More people would be under stress and depression, becasue chocolate refreshes your mind and soul, and it helps you concentrate. If the world ran out of chocoloate, all of the people who work in chocolate factories would be without a job. Also, research shows, it lowers the chance of a heart attack or stroke by 39%. Therefore, a world without chocolate may be healthier, but without you knowing it, it would be worse!

"Operation Wonka" research will suceed because there are more pros than cons. The cocoa beans will grow faster than they would in Ivory Coast or Ghana, it is cheaper than hiring people to plant pick and is also eco-friendly. But, if a plant disease gets to one of the cocoa beans, than all of the cocoa beans would be dieng. If they made the plants disease-free, there would be no major cons, therefore if they get the right materials, "Operation Wonka" will suceed.

"Operation Wonka" was started by two men; Paul Hadley and Andrew Daymond, teachers at Reading University. The cocoa beans are being mainly produced in the "International Cocoa Quarantine" in Berkshire, England. This 'clearinghouse' is a $1.48 million facility that holds the worlds new disease and drought resistant cocoa plants. When Berkshire Center finishes growing cocoa plants, they will ship them to West Africa to make it into chocolate and start growing again.

Researchers say that the amount of cocoa plants growing has been reduced by 40%. The cocoa producers; Ivory Coast and Ghana have had many sites of drought and plant disease, called "Cocoa Swollen shoot" and the bug called "Mirid" are eating the crops away. In the next 5 years, the cocoa plants may not be around anymore!

"Operation Wonka" is the creation of new cocoa beans that are drought resistant. The only way to restore cocoa production is by providing farmers with new disease-free plant varieties. "Operation Wonka" is based off of the book and movie, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Rahl Daul.


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