operation homefront: cooney

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operation homefront: cooney


By: Caroline B. Cooney

I would recomend this realistic/historical fiction book to both boys and girls. If you are interested in war, military, or have a family member that has gone over seas to war, you will connect with this book easily.

Even though I am not too interested in military or war, I was still able to connect with this book on the family level. The book follows the family from the beginning, when their mom is just a "regular" mom and a kindergarten teacher, to their mom as the fighter in the war.

The historical piece of this book comes through in the information given surrounding the war, Desert Storm. It would be very helpful to have a world map close by to locate the countries that are mentioned.

211 Pages

"War?" repeated Laura. "But you're my mother. Mothers can't to to war."

"He had thought patriotism was an act, like voting or knowing who was president during the Civil War. Wrong. It was a strange, heart-tearing energy. Like having a crush on a girl, but more intense."



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