Operation Fortitude

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Social Studies
World War II

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Operation Fortitude

Operation Fortitude

Fake Tank

Fake Paratroopers

Fake Jeep

Timeline1943 Operation Roundup 1944 Operation Fortitude Begins 1944 June 6th D-Day Begins

Fake paratrooper Plan

4 Cool Facts1. Operation foritude was split into north and south operations2. America gave German spys a choice to work for them or die3. Operation Fortitude was a smaller part of Operation Bodyguard4. The fake paratroopers somtimes had a raft atached to them

Fake Soldier

By: Harrison

Operation Fortitude was an operation by the Allied Forces to trick the Germans into thinking they were going to invade at Port Calais in France because it was the nearest land to Great Briatan. The Germans knew we were going to have a land invasion somewhere in France. We tricked the Germans by sending fake radio signals. Before the D-Day invasion, Great Britan sent in tin foil called "Moonshine" that messed with the radar making them think that there were hundreds of soldiers on boats coming to shore. Right before D-Day, we sent fake soldiers, jeeps, and tanks made of rubber. To make them more beliveable, we gave the soldiers fake guns and soundboxes that made screams, explosions, and gunfire. By sending the fake soldiers, the Germans thought that we were coming from Port Calais so we got them by suprise when the actual D-Day began on June 6, 1944.


Operation Fortitude Battle Map

Primary Source Fake Tank Picture


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