Operant Conditioning

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Operant Conditioning

FOUR possible consequences:1. Good presented, behavior increases= Poitive Reinforcement2. Good ended, behavior decreases= Negative Punishment3. Bad presented, behavior decreases= Positive Punishment4. Bad ended, behavior increases= Negative Reinforcement

OPERANT CONDITIONINGForms an association between a behaviorand a consequence

Principles based on B.F. Skinner Theory * Behavior positively reinforced will reoccur * Information should be presented in small amounts so responses can be reinforced * Reinforcements will generalize across similar stimuli producing secondary conditionin

Anything that increases or makes behavior stronger is a reinforcerAnything that decreases or makes behavior weaker is a punisher

CONSEQUENCES must reduce or strengthen a behavior

Developed by Burrhus Friederich Skinner in 1938


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