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[2015] Alex: Ontario poster


Toronto is Ontartio's capital city it covers 630.21 km of Ontario.It is the most populated city in Canada. Its GDP is 276.3 billion U.S.DIt mostly a rural place than a urban.

Ontario is located in East Central Canada and is the 4th largest province in Canada.Beiside Ontario are Manitoba, Quebec. On top of Ontario is Nunavut. Ontario covers approximatly 10.8 percent of Canada's land. It's total area is 1076395 Km. Land is 917,741 km(85.3%) while water is 158,654 km(14.7%)

Mostly Ontario is covered by the Boreal climate region. The northest part of Ontario is covered by the Tiaga climate region. That means that the weather is that it is Winters are cold and that Summers are warm.

Some big industrys in Ontario are fishing in the great lakes:Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior(HOMES) ,also there are alot of logging in places like Algonquin Park.Manufacturing are also big in these places.

The GDP of Ontario is 695.705 billion

31.4% are Catholic even though Ontariois multicultral

The poppulation is 13.6 million

The offical language is English

There premeir is Kathleen Wyne

They have 106 seats in the House of Commons

They have 24 seats in the Senate

There are alot of hills and water in Ontario.Also there are alot of trees and grass with a lot ofwildlife(animals)

There timezone is Eastern timezone

It also includes Ottawa Canada's capital

Some sports are Skating,Sking,Hockey,Snowbaording in the winter and Soccer,Baseball,basketball in the summer.

Lots of people come to Ontario as tourists. They are attracted by it parks and beauty. They usaully come camping,hunting fishing,cottaging and many others.

Some activities would include Hunting, Fishing, Fishing, Camping and many others

Some major cities in Ontario isTorontoOttawaMisisaugaHamilton and Niagra Falls


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