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Online vs. TraditionalInstructional DeliveryBy Jill LaFerriere



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Online classes provide instructors with the ability to conduct classes with students from across mulitiple time zones without having to travel.

Time Flexibility & ConvenienceOnline teaching allows for 24/7 access to class materials, the online classrooms, students...etc.

Traditional instruction often requires teachers to "teach to the middle" of the class. In an online learning environment, teachers can create a more customized learning experience for their students.

Online instruction requires a lot of time infront of the computer.

With online instruction there is an inability to read body language and facial expressions which can be frustrating.

Once an online course has been built, a teacher can often reuse or mold the materials for other venues.

In the online environment, teachers roles change from being the "sage on the stage" to a more facilitative and learner-centered role.

Unlike the traditional classroom, online teachers do not have to worry about photocopying papers, reserving materials or equipment.

In the online environment technology continues to change and improve, which requires a teacher to keep up to date and relearn as it changes.

In the online classroom, technology problems can occur at any time which can be frustrating.



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