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Online Tracking

Who is keeping track of what we do online?Online companies and industries are keeping track of what we do online. They collect data on what we search for, and what we post online. Examples include google, target, amazon, and other social media. They are all interconnected. This rasies the question: Is our privacy being invaded?

Why?Companies collect what we click on, view, watch and buy so they can personalize and tailor our online experiences.They can suggest products and services that our online profile matches. Some companies also sell our information to other companies to make a profiit. Scary Stuff.

How are you being tracked online? Privacy concerns.One demonstration was from the news site TODAY. They followed Robin Oekers during his normal workday. During the morning, Robin checked his social media. His IP adress is automatically recorded on all the sites he visited. He also needs to have signal, therefore Robin's cell needs to be connected to at least one cell tower. When he moves, the cell tower can calculate where he is. This system tracks him to work, to resturants, stores, and back home, When Robin relaxes and watches tv. Somewhere, a server takes down his preferences and his family's preferences. Isnt that scary?

How to protect yourself from online tracking:1.For the cellphone, information must be sent for apps to work. But you can learn about your local laws regarding how long such data is kept and under what circumstances it can be requested.2.When using the Web, you can use your browser's Do Not Track option3. The best thing to be is informed and recongize the sketchy marketers and government agencies that are keeping tabs on you.

Online Tracking

Who is keeping track of what we do online and why? How does data tracking and targeted advertising effect people's privacy?

Why online tracking is a problem?It is very creepy. location information trackes where you have been, who you have been with and where you might go next. Companies use online tracking devices to hightlight certian items and hide others. This is all based on your online profile. This means that what you see online have been altered to what they precieve as best suited for you.

I conducted my own little survey. Out of 10 kids. Here is what I found:8 out of 10 didnt know what online tracking was.( I explained it to them)10 out of 10 thought it was a violation of privacy


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