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Online student assessment

Gen i RevolutionBeyond the MissionInteractive Assessment

Murktide InvasionInteractive Assessment

Assessment #1 Go to Youtube and create a video to explain what it is, use it in an example, or rap (sing) it. Your Choice. Upload it to Youtube and attach the link in a Google Docs.

References:(2012). FierceTechnology. Youtube:How to create a Youtube account and upload a video. (2012). Genirevolution. Retrieved at Three economic questions. Wants and needs. Writing Objectives. Retrieved from

Beyond the Mission is the application and analyize stage of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Assessment #2 Get your feet wet in the financial game Murktide Invasion. Use the resources to your advantage.


Assessment #3 Choose a mission in the game.

Design your own assessment. To replace one of the others.

ScarcityDefine it, use it, rap it.

Rationale:Giving options allows for individual strenghts to be shown. Thus, providing a link between teaching and grading.

RationaleDesign a Youtube video to create synthesize and anlalyze the vocabulary into action.

Online Student AssessmentThis contains 3 Authentic Assessments. Move your mouse over the highlighted text to follow the links to assessments below. Click on images to expand.


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