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online story makers

Online Story Makers

Story Bird



MyStory Maker




Painting game


Digital Story Teller


Where did the river go?


Little Bird Tales

Pinky Dinky Doo

Berenstain Bears

Reading Eggs


  • dnueapril 7 years ago

    dnueapril's avatar

    I think ArtisanCam is also good tool for story making.
    As you can see the name of the site, this site makes you easily visualize your own story. as choosing character,action, place,prop that provided in this site, you can make your own picture book. but it is only specialized visualizing. you must write the text of your story. so you can't quickly make story. and also one story book has only 6pages, i'm not recommend this site to someone teaching upper grades. but as i said, it is specialized in visualizing, so this site will be good for lower grades. and also, you can save your time to decorate your story book.

  • dnueapril 7 years ago

    dnueapril's avatar

    Sorry, I can’t comment others so I post it here :(
    To DNUEjuyoung
    I also think storyplant is good tool to make story. I think this site is the best story making tool. It is very easy to make, and also quick. But I also agree your opinion about the flaw of this site. The length of story is too long for lower grade. And one more flaw, the story made in this site doesn’t have any visual. So I think it is too boring for kids.
    TO jiyeon
    I think so too. Kerpoof is one of the good story making tool. So I also recommend this site to others. But when I first use this site, I can’t understand how to make the story. So I wonder the sit e to know how to make. But except that, because this site has many good points, so I think this site will be good friend for teacher who desperately find the good story book

  • DNUEBIN 7 years ago

    DNUEBIN's avatar

    I choose Story Bird. I think this site is a great tool for making a story. Because this site give us stories with pretty and cute picture. And these pretty and cute picture give interest to children. These stories give me how to make a story. So I can make a story using this site easily. I can share not only my story but other stories on SNS and E-mail. And there are so many characters and scenery, too. So I recommend this site to others.

  • DNUESTELLA 7 years ago

    DNUESTELLA's avatar

    I think "little bird tales" is really good site for creating stories. The best thing I liked is recording voice system. People can record their voice about story. By recording story, book becomes more fun and active. Also, you can draw pictures whatever you want to show and upload any photograph to use background on each page. But drawing pictures using mouse on the computer is a little difficult and takes long time. It'll be better if there are many images or characters to help making page. Anyway, after all things considered, this site is very simple and useful. So, I want to recommend it to you.

  • junam 7 years ago

    junam's avatar

    I choose 'where did the river go?' I think this is great site. It already has basic panels. All we have to do is just choosing the characters that we want. When you choose the panel you can make the details story. You even can choose the hair color of the characters! And you can play the game. I think this is kinds of series story. So I really like 'where did the river go?

  • DnueEna 7 years ago

    DnueEna's avatar


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