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online story makers

Online Story Makers

Story Bird



MyStory Maker




Painting game


Digital Story Teller


Where did the river go?


Little Bird Tales

Pinky Dinky Doo

Berenstain Bears

Reading Eggs


  • lichrysil 6 years ago

    lichrysil's avatar

    I read seulgi comment, but i can write comment so i write this area.
    I agree your opinion. this site is better than any ohter site. this site has many strong point. for example it has easy to make story and many formal form. it means if people make story, people need just small time and effort. but it has some weakness. just one thing. it hinder creative elements. it means formal form make you rigid. nevertheless this site is very good site that i think

  • DNUECHOISEULGI 6 years ago


    I choose 'tikatok'. I think it is very useful site.
    It has a various story project template like drama, personal narrative, research and so on.
    We can select student level from kindergarten to grade 6. So all students can create a story in their way very easily. you can add and draw a picture, when creating a story. And you don't have to search photos in other website because it provides a gallery, which has many kinds of photos.
    But if it had more detail in story background picture, it could be better storymaker.
    So I love this site very much.

    I wrote the comments second time for revising it. Because I couldn't delete:(

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