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online story makers

Online Story Makers

Story Bird



MyStory Maker




Painting game


Digital Story Teller


Where did the river go?


Little Bird Tales

Pinky Dinky Doo

Berenstain Bears

Reading Eggs


  • jiyeon 8 years ago

    jiyeon's avatar

    I think Kerpoof is really great. Because it has many pictures for backgrounds, and it`s so realistic. and many characters has various looks, motions. and it`s really easy to put these things to the point you want.
    it require no account. that`s also good point. and you can make another thing like movie, card, drawing.
    But before making story, I should select story lines like winter, aliens, pirates, so it`s better for making some special, unusual story.
    I like to recommend this site for class.

  • kwonbojung 8 years ago

    kwonbojung's avatar

    I like 'Pinky Dinky Doo' site. Because it provide various story making. It has a lot of pictures and examples. People can choose story's subject, characters, date, place, content and so on. Also it directly reads all story what people make. So children can learn English's pronunciatin. The pictures and flash look very exciting. I think children must be interested in this activity.

  • DNUEjuyoung 8 years ago

    DNUEjuyoung's avatar

    I did 'story plant'. Because it provides more reasonable story. This site has various sentences and kind helper. so, we can make high quality story. Helper told us what shall we do. We can choose favorite sentence with direction. They provide many sentences that was changed, because it is matched last sentence.So the story can be more various. Also we can talk about after story. Therefore, this site is good tool for making a story and a topic. But I don't like one point. Because they give too long and difficult sentences to make story for young students. But the upper grades can understand enough. So I recommend this site for class. They can make more high quality story.

  • DNUENayoung 8 years ago

    DNUENayoung's avatar

    I think My Story Maker will be a really good tool for creating stories. The best thing I liked about this site is the instruction. The Story helper give instructions really kindly, so the helper is very useful. Also, the instructions are easy to follow, so it will not take much time to create a story. I really liked the images that this site provided. There are various kinds of characters, items, and scenery objects. Those are all really cute, so I think the kids will like them. I can reload my story from the website with the 'magic code'. I think this magic code is very brilliant. I can choose the characters, but I can't create my own character. I can choose between various things but I can't create my own character of items. I wish I could make my own.
    Anyway, I really liked this site and many teachers can make use of it easily.

  • mymy1008 8 years ago

    mymy1008's avatar

    I chose "pinky dinky doo" story. It was really interesting because it is easy for me to make a new story, just changing some words that I want. Also most of children will like it,too. This site will be useful for us to teach English.

  • YerinSeung 8 years ago

    YerinSeung's avatar

    I think Story Jumper is a good tool for making stories. The advantage of using this tool is that you can create your own stories. You can use props and scenes which is provided or you can use any photos you got if you want. It is not that difficult to use this tool, but it would take some time to think about completely new story to make. I would recommend this tool to the teachers who want to create their own story for their Micro-Lesson.

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