Online Safety

by kwestin
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Online Safety

#1 What is an Online Tool?Anything that you use to collect or share informationWiki DatabasesGlogster VokiBrainPop BrainPopJrand many more....

#2 Have a goal for your time online.- If you don’t know why you are online find something else to do. - Just ‘surfing’ the web can get you to places that are not safe.

How to use online tools safely....

Keep these rules in mind as you create online.

#3 If you find yourself in a place that isn’t safe leave immediately!

#4 Cut and Paste?Cutting and Pasting text or pictures and passing it on as your own is Wrong! Not only that it is also illegal. You must state where you have found your information. Put it in your own words. yourself

Hello My Name is...#5 Usernames and passwords are a secret. Keep them to yourself.

#6 Keep your personal information safe. If a website asks for you personal information ask an adult immediately if it is safe to share. If you don’t know what to do the best answer is to keep the information to yourself.


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