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Online Safety

Keep your kids Safe Online!

1. Update your Online System and Apps. To keep out hackers and malware.2. Maintain Commercial Security Software to keep out viruses,worms, and spyware. 3. Tell them to turn off their divices when they are finished using them. This helps divices from 'bots. 4. Only allow them to dowload from reputable sites like Itues, Windows Store, or Google Play.5. Secure your Wi-fi. This prevents keylogging, viruses, and worms.6. Configure browser scurity settings to keep away from cookies.7. Validate email before allowing them to dowload attachments and click embedded links

Phishing- designed to extract personal information like passwords, user IDs, and credit card data.Viruses- Strings of executable code attached to or embedded in programs or files. When opened they load into memory and perorm function that normaly attempts to replicate itself into other programs or files. Worms- Spread by exploiting security vulnerabilities in an operating system, web browsers, or productivity application. They cab hijack email or other messaging systems.Cookies- small hidden tracking filePopup blockers- prevent windows from loading unless the user approves the siteKeylogging- Program that records every keystroke made by a computer user


Online Safety

How ?

8.Make sure they are not cliking on popup windows. Keep popup blockers on and only manually approve reliable sites.9. Turn off preview panes that autimatacly load10. Avoid phishing scams

How? Continued

Spyware- harvest personal on sinsitive data that can be soldHakers-computer user that access private dataMalware- software intended to damage or disable computers and systems.

Monitor your childs online behavior and make sure they are maintaining clean social media sites.Make sure to talk to them about the things they are seeing online.


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