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Online Presentation Module

Voicethread comparison to Powerpoint for 300A basic powerpoint cannot use voicethreads in a way that you can share conversations. When you put on a powerpoint presentation you are the speaker. Voicthread enables the creator to create powerpoint like albums that have the ability to have people comment whether it be through text, voice, audio, or video which is a step beyond pwoerpoint.

Prezi comparison to Powerpoint for 300A basic powerpoint is a very linear tool. It will provide a slide on a screen and then you click to the next slide. Prezi presentations are powerpoint in a way that they present the material but they are non-linear so it makes what you create seem almost 3 dimensional. They are visually appealing and highly interactive. When you click on a Prezi presentation it guides you to the next part of the image or presentation you want it to go to!

Pros and Cons for 200Pros of using voicthread in your classroom would include the ability to create an interactive instruction module. Much like the example above with the muscle lesson you could create a lesson that your students could comment on in many different ways. It also accomadates many different learning styles and any students that may need assistance with learning. Cons that it would need some instruction on how to add voicethreads and other tutorials and so it may be easily understood and used by some students but maybe not as user friendly for others.

Slideshare comparison to Powerpoint for 300Slideshare is different from your basic powerpoint because a basic powerpoint you would save to desktop, cd, or device and bring it up and present it in a slideshow in what ever teaching situation you are present in. It is linear and the feedback you would get would be from the people present in the room. Slideshare enables you to pull up your powerpoint for these situations but also publish it on the web so that others can view it, comment on it, add thoughts, or use it themselves.

Pros and Cons for 200Pros for using Prezi and that it takes a basic linear presentation and brings to it some life. Students would find it more visually appealing and you could guide them through your texts, videos, PDF"s and drawings the way you would present it. The Cons could also be that if you were to incopororate one already created in class to make sure that the credibility exists and they do not give you the ability to answer questions or get feedback from your students.

Prezi Info for 100Prezi is a way to create an online map of texts, videos, PDF's and drawings in a non-linear way.

View Prezi video here: is a great biology presentation that can be used in the classroom because it maps out the cell for you and guides your lecture. It is really visually appealing and also later if the student needed they could view the pesentation to deepen their own knowledge.

View Voicethread video here: This voicethread presentation is great because it demonstrates the anatomy of the muscles of the skull but also encorporates the use voice to talk about the muscles but also to comment. It creates a lesson that is almost like a conversation but adds the ability to visually see what you are teaching. I could see this being used in my anatomy class to help students comprehend muscles better.

Pros and Cons for 200Pros for using Slideshare in the classroom would be that you are able to get feedback from your peers or the world really on your work. It takes a basic powerpoint from the past and makes it public so that you can acquire feedback. Cons of slideshare would be that if you were to use them in the classroom you would really have to be conscience of the reliability of the source if you were to use one already created for part of a lecture. However it would be great to have the class create their own as a class and critic eachothers.

Slideshare Info for 100slideshare is a way to share powerpoints in a way that you can recieve comments/tags/email/embedding into website, wiki, or blog, and also get audio, notes, and youtube.

View slideshare example video here:http/ slideshow video could be used in a biology classroom because it provides a presentation on anatomy that is already commented on so you can get an idea of how well it works. I would use this presentation in my classroom as a way to help students to gain knowledge on the topic of muscles.

Voicethread Info for 100Voicethread is an online album that enables the publisher to show images/documents/videos that people can comment on using voice, text, audio, or video. It is also a way to share conversations on that topic.

Online Presentation Jeopardy!




Your final jeopardy question is what online presentation tool would you use in your classroom?

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