Online Predators

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Social Studies

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Online Predators

Tips?~ Never meet a person you dont know off line.~No matter how loving and nice they seem, ignore them.~Do you think its a good idea to share YOUR'E personal information with a stranger?( that would be a NO!!)

What You Should Do!~ If someone you don't know is contacting youtell a trusted adult.~Dont respond to the text, email, or post.~ Even if you have been texting this person for a while. Stop and think who they really could be.

What is an Online Predator?~ An online preadator is stranger.~A person you don't know who trys to contact you/ get in touch with you. ~ Someome who pretends to be what they are not.

How to Respond?The best way to respond is to don't respond,stop and think how much you really know this person. Before you share too much information!

Online Predators

By Lydia McCoomer

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