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Online Learning

SummaryThis Glog's focus is to identify and describe virtual schooling in the elementary setting. Growing with popularity, there are more opportunities for students, as early as kindergarten, to attend online schools. While there are teachers for online schooling, parents/guardians take on the role of "learning coach" once they enroll their young child. Students at the elementary level are too young to work on their own while completing the majority of the curriculum; therefore, a learning coach normally helps them for a number of hours every day. One mother reports that she "spends as much as six hours a day as the official 'learning coach' for her children" (Saul). This Glog will identify both positive and negative sides to online learning as well as provide information about online schooling in the elementary setting.

1) Read the summary and listen to the Voki to the left.2) Watch the video.3) View the images.4) Navigate the links and text boxes at the bottom, starting from the left.

Read this article for a brief overview of the issues affecting elementary virtual schools after viewing the images!


Online Learning:

An Elementary Focus

Derek Miller & Jenna Dulin


The article above focuses on one benefit of virtual schools: students can learn at their own rate across a wide variety of subjects. They are not restricted to working only at grade level on subjects in a school’s curriculum. There is no risk of bullying or violence at school. Benefits not mentioned in the article are: homebound students are able to attend, and instruction is available in locations where there is a lack of physical school buildings.

The negative aspects of virtual elementary schools are low test scores and the lack of social interaction. At K12 Inc., the largest virtual school in the nation, the number of elementary school students who passed state tests was 9 to 15 percent lower than their peers in brick-and-mortar schools. The lack of social interaction is also especially concerning at the elementary school level. As one administrator notes, “the early development of children requires lots of interaction with other children for purposes of socialization, developing collaboration and teamwork, and self-definition” (Saul).

One virtual school, Connections Academy, provides five tips for parents of elementary school students. Read them under the heading “Elementary Students (K-5).” Tip number one deals with concerns about a lack of socialization–do you think their recommendations could substitute for classroom interactions?

For a closer look at how test scores at K12 Inc. compare to brick-and-mortal schools click on the link and scroll to page 33 of this report (page 43 of the pdf). Notice that the test scores at grades three through five are lower than the state mean; however, the English scores improve somewhat during middle and high school. The math scores decline steadily throughout both.

Interesting data!

Connection Academy surveyed their parents to know why they chose an online school for their children. Photo retrieved from

Online learning meets the needs of students in many different ways. It allows students to delve into learning and provides them many on-task opportunities. Photo retrieved at

Parents play an extremely important role as a "learning coach" for online learning. This is especially important during the early elementary years. Photo retrieved from

The video above follows a K12 representative as she tries to persuade North Carolina legislators to allow virtual public school as an option for an educational setting. She answers many questions that people often have when thinking about online learning.

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  • HaleyAmanda 6 years ago

    HaleyAmanda's avatar

    Derek and Jenna,
    Your glog is packed full of information! I like in the summary how you included information about a "learning coach" for elementary age students who participate in online learning. This definitely seems to me like something that they would need at this young age. I also agree with one of the challenges that you mentioned, which was lack of social interaction. At this age, I see that as a very important aspect of school. - Hayley F.

  • rdroyer29 6 years ago

    rdroyer29's avatar

    Kudos for using Google Docs to provide your resources. I linked to the article from Taking Part for more on the topic. You certainly have presented the issues, as this topic is currently being debated. Cool video from the North Carolina legislature. The Maryland legislature has also passed bills concerning online learning, one of which requires MSDE to evaluate vendors proposing online courses for students. I like that you added text to also clarify the purpose of your graphics. K12 is a for profit school. Because of the growing popularity of for profit schools, many states have been pushed into offering virtual schools under the direction of the state department of education. They did this so that they would not lose students from public to private schools. Dr. Royer

  • SusanDebra 6 years ago

    SusanDebra's avatar

    Debra V - Very interesting poster. Lots of great information. K12 video is very interesting. She is confident in the product, the interviewer really wants to know if this is a good thing for the kids. Someone at home would need to be dedicated in helping them learn from home. I don't think I had that possibility when I was in K-12. I guess kids are getting enough socializing too. Seems like a great way to learn! Informative poster!

  • KateJennaP 6 years ago

    KateJennaP's avatar

    I really liked how you included test scores of those who participate in online learning. What an important aspect to include! Very interesting video about online learning in North Carolina. It was neat to see the K12 representative, Mary Gifford, answer the questions that the legislators had for her.
    -Kate Q.

  • 6077fc44532ab6077fc4455ba6 3 months ago

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