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Online Learning


Online Learning



Thomas Friedman, author of "The World is Flat" says, "Lord knows there's a lot of bad news in the world today to get you down, but there is one big thing happening that leaves me incredibly hopeful about the future, and that is the budding revolution in global online higher education".

The shift toward online education can be very overwhelming, but there are many districts and digital learning advocates that can help you get started! Click on the tacks to explore website and videos!


In 2010, Bill Gates stated "In five years on the web for free you'll be able to find the best lectures in the world." How can online learning enhance the teaching and learning that goes on inside the classroom?



Do you think online learning might be a good fit for your school, teachers, or students? Click the lightbulbs to visit websites to help you make an informed decision.

While it is noted that sufficient material is needed in order to facilitate online learning, it can be just as effective as being in the classroom. Be sure to read the "Top Take Away" List. Do you think that online learning could also be as effective as classrooms within your school?

Some research shows that students actually prefer online learning for reasons including being able to sleep in, and being able to work around busy schedules. See more reasons why students love online learning.

Start by clicking here!

"Online classes on average produce stronger learning outcomes than those conducted solely in a traditional classrooom environment."


Thomas Friedman also discusses collaboration as being a skill our students will need in the future. Are the students in your building good collaborators?Take a look at this video, featuring teachers who used online collaboration in their classrooms. Are their results ones you would like to see come to life in your own students? Perhaps online learning is your vehicle to help students become lifelong learners ready to compete in a global economy.

E-Rates and the FCC are supporting online learning!Check out how!

See how one online school works by viewing Chicago Virtual Chater School's website.

Watch the video to get a preview on how Project 24 can help you create a plan!

31 states, and Washington, DC, have statewide full-time online schoolsClick here to see other online statistics. Which state is next?

Click the "thumb" icon to view some of the pros and cons of online learning.

Watch the two videos; found below and by clicking on the double arrow to the right, for success stories ofonline learning! Yours could be next!


  • rdroyer29 5 years ago

    rdroyer29's avatar

    I especially like your link to the Illinois Online Network, which provides a thorough overview of the pros and cons of online learning. I also like that you have included a link to the Chicago Virtual Charter, which provides public full time online education for K-12 students. Most educators really question the use of full time online learning for students in the elementary level. What is your opinion about that?

  • JessicaHaley 5 years ago

    JessicaHaley's avatar

    I really liked the creativity in your glog. It looks like you guys took some time to explore and find some neat things for your glog. I like how you shared the link to online statistics. I really enjoy reading statistics. If I were in a school and this was presented, I would find it very interesting and straight to the point. I think this is very important. Great Job!!

  • JessicaHaley 5 years ago

    JessicaHaley's avatar

    last comment by Jessica S.

  • MattNate 5 years ago

    MattNate's avatar

    Matt B
    This is very impressive. I'll get my negative thing out of the way first, most of your information seems to come from businesses that provide online education, this information could be biased, and although it is informative, statistics can be misleading. That being said, this was very well done. I particularly like the results that focuses on the aspects of collaboration in online education. Students communicate on the internet and they attempt to collaborate inside of the classroom, but this is one area most students need improvement on. Most of the time it is egocentric and all about I or me for teenage students. If we can find ways to provide them an opportunity to improve on this skill, this would be very beneficial, considering the difficulty many find in collaborating, including myself.

  • MattNate 5 years ago

    MattNate's avatar

    Nate D.
    Are you two science teachers? I liked how this Glog utilized the scientific method to examine the online learning in the classroom. Rather than just have information, the organization of this Glog was really commendable. I liked how you presented both sides of the issue and the number of links was well beyond the requirements. I don’t know if you know this or not, but looking over this made me wonder if there are any examples of online learning programs that failed. I’m sure there are since there since some state educational systems have backed away from online learning. I wonder if there are any studies about why they weren’t successful. We have all read a lot about some of the struggles of online learning, it would be interesting to examine an example of how those struggles directly undermined the program. The K12 video was a great find with some very inspirational stories that highlighted the results of your findings perfectly.

  • CharlotteCarrianne 5 years ago

    CharlotteCarrianne's avatar

    Carrianne C.- Wow! Your glog looks amazing. I love how much information you included, yet it is easy to navigate. All of your questions really made me take the time out to think. Even though I don't have my own classroom, your glog got me thinking about ways that I can incorporate online learning with the SI department on campus. How cool would it be if we recorded sessions and then made it available to to future SI leaders! This blog definitely got me thinking about future possibilities!

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