Online Learning in Secondary Education

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Online Learning in Secondary Education

Online learning is providing new opportunities for people. Students can be anywhere and anytime learning. Teaches can be a resource to students by answering questions or using more examples to better explain the lesson. Students can be able to use different types of technology throughout their learning experience. Online schools provide clubs and organization for students to be able to participate.

"Online courses require time-management skills that manystudents are learning as they face competing demands ontheir time" (Thomas, 2008). Students in middle and high school need to learn this skill to be successful. Online learning can teach students more than just core subjects. Students can start learnng at a young age about time management skills, organization, and more.

Online Classes: A Choice for Your Middle or High Schooler is an article that helps parents decide whether or not online learning is a good match, especially for those students with special needs.

"Because oversight and accountability are weak at many virtual schools, mo-tivated students with strong literacy and technology skills are often the only students who do well." While online learning is not going anywhere, it takes certain students to make an online education successful. Research shows that at-risk students do poorly with online learning.

Online Learning: A Middle School Mathematics Perspective is an article that shows teachers ways to use technology and turn their classrooms into online learning.Click here for the article

Online Instruction and Virtual Schools for Middle and High School Students: Twenty-First-Century Fads or Progressive Teaching Methods for Today's Pupils?Click here for the article

"Study at any time. Learn from any place. Choose your schedule. Pick your pace."

Florida Virtual School

Advantages of Online Learning

Online Learning in Secondary Education

Click here for the article

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  • CaseyBoChris 3 years ago

    CaseyBoChris's avatar

    The time management skills are really important for online learning. I think online schools should design a course about time management for their young students. Also, I agree with you that Online learning can teach students more than just core subjects. Online learning could afford some unique resources that combine online advantages. Bowen Ding

  • StephJenLan 3 years ago

    StephJenLan's avatar

    I like the article, “Online classes: A choice for your middle or high schooler?” It gives parents a guidance. I think the second question is very important. Online learning may not suitable for everyone, like immigrant students. This question reminds me that Tiffany described her students in cyber school. Online learning is more suitable for disabled students or students who are engage in their own professional fields, like athletes and actors. I also like the image “why do students find online learning attractive”. It lists ten points. These ten points show that online learning may better than traditional learning. Through read all the Glogs, I think it possible that in the future more and more students will take online courses from elementary to high school, even in their higher education. MOOC may provide various courses that throughout elementary education to higher education. Lan Wang

  • StephJenLan 3 years ago

    StephJenLan's avatar

    I think that the thing that students like the most about online courses is that it can fit into their schedule and that it is self paced. I haven't taken many online courses but I do like that I can do my assignments when it is convenient for me. The article you posted about if online courses are good or not for children was a very good read. I like how it listed concerns. I would like to know the answers to all of those questions as well, mainly the technical ones. What skills should these students already know when beginning online learning? Or will they learn them as they go.

    Jennifer Nicolas

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