Online Learning and Learning Styles

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Online Learning and Learning Styles

Social Strategies: * Group discussion forum.* Group projects.* Chats.* Peer review.

Online Learning &Learning Styles

Logical- Mathematical Strategies:* Using numbers.* Recognizing, creating patterns.* Solving problems..* Online puzzles, games, quizzes.

Visual-Spatial Strategies:* Using, creating maps, diagrams.* Watching, creating video clips.* Webbing.* Color-coding.* Digital story telling.* Gliffy, Prezi, Glogster, PowerPoint

Verbal-Linguistic Strategies:* Reading web pages, discussion posts, articles* Writing posts, papers, emails* Blogging* Mnemonics for memory.

Aural-Musical Strategies:* Listening to or recording audio clips.* Podasts* Creating songs, rhymes and rhythms for memory.* Background music on web pages.

Physical-Kinesthetic Strategies:* Typing.* Creating or using multimedia presentations: Gliffy, Prezi, Glogster.* Interactive web sites, games, quizzes.* Virtual field trips, Google Earth, Google Lit Trips

SolitaryStrategies:* Individual tasks and assignments.

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