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Online Digital Painting

Speed Painting

The code of connection. Tremendous unthinkable creativity just a few years ago. Now is at our finger tips. The ability to creative within 2D and 3D is within our grasp and how we use this ability can change the world.

Desk tops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smart Phones.We stay connected through devices, these devices allow for wonderful and inspirational creativity.


Show me the Money

First and foremost there is a demand. Common analog degree seeking students although well trained and motivated are not in high demand as a digital artist. In the competitive landscape that is digital design/media skilled artist are valued by top employers. Holding a degree in such fields only goes so far. The employer’s still want several years experience as well. So the importance of building a portfolio that can be exceptional is of the utmost urgency.

Why Digital Painting

Online Digital Painting


“The median income for graphic designers/painter was $44,150 in May 2012”, as, reported by the BLS. The lowest paid 10% of these designers made $26,250 or less a year, while the highest paid 10% earned $77,490 or more annually. Most of these professionals worked for specialized design services; newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers; and advertising, public relations and related services.”


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