Online and Blended Learning FAQ for Parents

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Online and Blended Learning FAQ for Parents

Online and Blended Learning FAQ

Online learning involves using the Internet to access educational resources, whereby students interact with each other, content, and the instructor. Learners get instructional support so as to gain knowledge and construct meaning.Blended courses are also called hybrid or mixed-mode classes which has mixture of face-to-face instruction and web-based online learning.

Availability of courses for all time zones and locations Instructional materials can be accessed at any time (for asynchronous classes) Learners can interact real time (for synchronous courses) Courses are self-paced Classes may be worked on during breaks while learner is at work through the use of hand-held devices

Teaching or tutoring is offered at all times everywhere Instructional materials are revised and disseminated without difficultyStudents` learning styles are considered when curriculum is designed and suitable materials distributedStudents can be directed to available resources quicker

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How do online and blended courses benefit teachers?

What are asynchronous and synchronous instructional activities

How do online and blended courses benefit students?


Edgenuity provides students with engaging online and blended learning education. It helps students become academically successful, and inspires teachers to instruct effectively. Efficient implementation of Edgenuity also enables school districts to meet their academic and technology integration objectives.


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