One Tiny Turtle

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One Tiny Turtle

A sea turtle laying her eggs.

A swimming sea turtle.

Far, far out at sea lives one of the world's most mysterious creatures, the loggerhead turtle. For thirty years she swims the oceans, wandering thousands of miles as she searches for food. Then, one summer night, she lands on a beach to lay her eggs — the very same beach where she herself was born.

Found Poem: One Tiny Turtlemysterious livesempty sky touches the waterland is only a memoryshe is flying underwatershell is soft as old leathernot much bigger than a bottle topsafe in her world of weedshe has vanishedshe leaves no trace for you to followonly good luck will catch a glimpse of herin summer to cool seaweed junglesfloats through hot calmsin winter to turquoise lagoonsrides out the storms thirty yearshead tough as a helmetshell is hard as armorbigger than a dinner plate big as a barrelon land, heavier than a manin the sea, she weighs nothingone summer night she arrivesshe remembers the taste of the water and the sound of the surfeyes stream with salty tearsLoggerhead

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One Tiny Turtleby Nicola Davies


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