One-Room Schoolhouse Report

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One-Room Schoolhouse Report

My Nana, Vicki Ediger, attended a one room school house when she was in 2nd grade. Though she does not remember the name, it was in Wichita, KS on South West Street. As she described her experience, it sounded like a traditional one room school house. She shared with me many of her favorite memories while reminiscing about her experience.

Nana shared that a pot-belly stove was located in the school in attempt to keep warm during the winter. Even with the warm from the stove, the classroom was still very cold.

The one room school house she attended consisted of around 15 to 20 students ranging from 1st to 6th grade. Each had their own desk with a cubby on the side to hold their reader, speller, math book, and one other book.

Above is a picture of playground equipment similar to that of which my grandma explained to me. A local man had built the equipment which consisted of a center pole, with 4 bars connected by chains. Children would run quickly in a circle until they were lifted and swung around. This was Nana's favorite thing to do at recess. Their playground consisted of a merry-go-round and newly installed swings and slipper slide.

Each day was started by saluting the flag and a prayer. The students took turns leading the prayer each day.

When in trouble, students had to stand with their nose in the corner of the room.

Ms.Sailer's Classroom- Arrive by 8:15-Bring your lunches-Girls are to wear dresses or skirts-Walk home at 3:30

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Ms. Sailer was the sole teacher at the one room school house. She had to plan all subjects for every grade. Having the same teacher for several years could cause problems. However, Nana said Ms. Sailer was very patient and all the students loved her. She was dedicated and very nice. Nana's favorite thing about Ms. Sailer was that she would play with the kids every recess.

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By Alyssa Cherney

One Room School House Report


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