One is One and All Alone

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Language Arts

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One is One and All Alone

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ACTIVITY- Get into a group of 3 or 4 people, discuss on the given situation and prepare a PowerPoint presentation and relate them with all the given notes"Imagine yourself in Trish's situation, what would you do in order to ensure your clone turn out to be good?"

TIME-2045 in the futurePLACE-Inside spaceship-Heading to Trion-Hi-tech setting

- The unseen and unknown consequences of tampering with nature- Humans are uniquely created by God- Taking matters into our own hands


One is One and All Alone

Voice Printer- Multi-functional computer machine-Smart and intelligent-Trish's teacher and companion-Taught Trish how to make clone-Cannot distinghuish between good or bad


CLO- Trish's clone- Acted the same way as Trish- Smarter than Trish- Wanted to be Trish- Evil and kniving

TRISH- Independent- Crave a company of her own age- Smart and determined- Makes harsh decision- Take matters into her own hands

Trish's Father- Executive Officer of the ship- Always busy and neglected Trish- Caring father- Didn't realize- Trish was swapped by Clo


MORAL VALUES- Do not be self-centred- Do not make rash decisions- Something that appear good may not be good at all- Be thankful of what you have