One-Eyed Cat

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One-Eyed Cat

One-Eyed Cat yourself

Study Guide: The Gun1. Why did Mama not want church visitors?2. Compare the views of Ned's mother and father regarding God.3. Ned talks about his "conversations" with Mama and "really talking." What was the difference?4. Why does Ned feel his father's trust is unfair?5. Notice the foreshadowing on page 42 that reflects Ned's experience on page 46.Chapter Three: The Old Man1. Ned's mother gives him a pocket watch at the beginning of the chapter. Why do you think the author might have included this little detail?2. Why did Ned tear up the handful of stories?3. Why did Ned hate being able to trick his mother? And why did he feel safer after he knew he hadn't quite convinced her? 4. What was Mr. Scully afraid of?5. What does Mr. Scully's comment about the southern boy (last paragraph on page 64) say about the meaning of war?6. Discuss the meaning of Papa's birthday cakes. Why did the author bring this up? What is the point?

Study Guide: Sunday1. What did Ned practice in the cemetery?2. Why didn't the Wallis family live in the parsonage?3. What was Ned's favorite animal in the Tiffany-glass lamp shade?4. What does Ned think is the worst thing you can do to a person? Do you agree? Why?5. What was the cause of the great number of empty houses in Ned's neighborhood?6. What do you think Uncle Hilary is writing about? 7. Why was Ned "jarred by anger" at the end of the chapter?

#1 Start here with the study guide. As you read, work through the questions. You will be asked to contribute to a Voicethread after completing the novel.

Check out this video and learn some of the superstitions surrounding cats. This could be disturbing to some viewers.

Paul Fox is a master storyteller and as such, she uses rich language to create word pictures. Find five similes or metaphors you think are interesting and explain why they caught your attention. Now create a few of your own!

#2Here is the next part of the study guide.

#3Study Guide: The Cat1. "Ned knew he hadn't understood but he didn't mind. That happened a lot lately, and Ned had concluded that he and Mr. Scully were each telling themselves different stories like two people traveling along different roads. Every now and then their roads crossed." Have you ever had a similar experience? Who was the other person?2. In this chapter Ned is dealing with a lie. What processes does he go through as he deals with it? Notice his thinking about the lies.3. After Mr. Scully describes the changes in the cat's behavior to Ned, he says: "It's funny how alone an animal can be and still be all right." Are there any other animals in the book the author may be discussing besides the cat? Is so, discuss your ideas.4. What are your thoughts about the button box discussion? 5. Think about the different hands described: Mr. Scully's, Mama's, the hands that made the buttons. When this much attention is given to something, the author wants you to notice! Watch what hands do as you read the rest of the book.

Essay AssignmentNow that you've read the book, choose one of its themes and write an essay about it. Make sure you cite examples from the book to support your points. Be sure to proofread your work and make sure it reflects your best effort.

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