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One Direction

One Direction

Zayn Malik 2010-2015

One Direction is a famous boy band that's from London, United Kingdom. The famous English-Irish boyband come in 3rd place for the final in the X Factor UK back in 2010, but that was not the end for them. A few mouths later they come out with there single What Makes You Beautiful on Aug 19, 2011 with 696,132,113 views and with 2,979,933 likes on youtube for there up coming album Up All Night that Release November 18, 2011. This was the new begin for One Direction. Let's Meet the band

Liam PayneBorn: August 29, 1993 (age 22), Wolverhampton, United KingdomLiam always did early perfonce into he audition for the x factor in 2008 but didn't make it throw, he then try again in 2010 and made it in to the x factor and was put into the band.

Harry Styles

Niall Horan

Louis Tomlinson

Born: February 1, 1994 (age 21), Redditch, United KingdomHarry first sang in a band named White Eskimo in school, then later on want on the X factor when he was 16, he then became all about One direction.Harry is known for dating one in the band and once dated Taylor Swift, but Harry later became Taylor lyrics.

what makes you beautiful

Born: September 13, 1993 (age 22), Mullingar, Republic of IrelandNiall started off singing in school then lead him to the x factor he didn't make it to the final as a solo singer he made it into the group instead.

Born: January 12, 1993 (age 22), Bradford, United KingdomZayn want on head and audition for the x factor made it throw by being put into a group, later in 2013 Zayn got in engagement to Perrie Edwards who sings in a group named Little Mix who were also on the x factor in 2011. Zayn called it quits after five years long years with One direction, he left the group on March 25, 2015. He then also end his engagement with Perrie, Zayn now making his own album.

Born: December 24, 1991 (age 23), Doncaster, United KingdomLouis started out acting and sing as a child and teen years on T.V., in his teen years he auditioned for the The x factor in 2010 and he got put into the band and was later name One DirectionTomlinson now has a child on the way.

There are now four boy's in the band, there new album made in the am comes out on Nov 13 2015 the boy's on a year break. Which I and everyone else thank's they earn it after year's of hard work and no breaks.


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