One Dignity Delays For All

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One Dignity Delays For All

Emily Dickinson

In "One Dignity Delays For All," what do the 'crown' and the 'chamber' symbolise? - Homework Help - (2011, June 20). Retrieved March 21, 2015, from Dickinson. (n.d.). Retrieved March 22, 2015, from Dickinson. (2015). The website. Retrieved Mar 22, 2015, from (2010, May 28). The Band Perry - If I Die Young. [Video File] Retrieved March 22, from, E. (1999, January 1). Emily Dickinson Biography. Retrieved March 24, 2015, from


One dignity delays for all 1One mitred AfternoonNone can avoid this purpleNone evade this Crown!Coach, it insures, and footmen 5Chamber, and state, and throngBells, also, in the villageAs we ride grand along!What dignified Attendants!What service when we pause! 10How loyally at partingTheir hundred hats they raise!Her pomp surpassing ermineWhen simple You, and IPresent our meek escutcheon 15And claim the rank to die!

Vanessa Barragan P.3

One Dignity Delays For All

CynicalDickinson goes the entire poem explaining how the people are worshipping her, however, she knows it's about her death, AKA a funeral.

A great honor will come later, on a day that is more spectacular than the others. No one can elude violet and none can steer away from the sovereign. A wagon will have soldiers following. As we travel through the town, the bells will toll.Special people will come! A magnificent event will occur. When we leave, our special guests will lift their caps!Her ceremony will exceed the monarchs dress when we simple present our humble coat of arms and declare death!

Similar words between poem and paraphraseEmotional WordsTone words

Theme: It does not matter who you are, as everyone will join together at death.

Everyone will die.

AuthoritativeDickinson seems to be exclaiming each stanza. Her word choices shows confidence.

SomberDickinson states the honor that awaits everyone in a dull fashion.

Ln. 3 is symbolism. Purple symbolizes royalty. This makes the poem powerful because an average person is being compared to royalty.

Ln. 5 is imagery. The next couple of lines explain a march with great honor. This section shows how great the ceremony is.

Ln. 15 is an allusion. The escutcheon refers to a coat arms, similar to royalty. This line is referring to the similarity between common and special.

The entire poem is ironic. It speaks of common people being honored like royalty, at their funeral.

Ln. 2 is a metaphor.The afternoon is being referred to as a bishop, as in more significant. Miter is the pointed hat of a bishop, therefore the afternoon is wearing a special hat. This shows that simple words can make another word more magnificent.

I can infer that the speaker is the personfor whom the ceremony (funeral) is for.The poem is a description of the ceremony through a first hand experience. It focuses on the bystanders rather than the main person, therefore, the speaker is the main person.

Dickinson BiographyLived in Amherst, MADidn't leave - Reclusive personInfluenced by the few people she met (Reverend Charles Wadsworth)Influenced by Metaphysical poets of 17th century EnglandSuffered from angoraphobia/ depression/anxietyTook care of Susan Gilbert's (her closest friend) mother

We are mortals 1as human beingsyou and I shall expireat the time of inevitable call But what if you and I knew 5as our doctors warn us anewthat we shall go within a monthto leave this existence we most loveAnd what about the agonythat each our family shall feel 10about our eventual death at handcould it not be more painful than our fate? Ah, nobody really knowstill the time of passing comesfor you and I shall accept the fact 15that everyone else is dying at due time

! Dying !

Marvin Brato Sr

"! Dying !" is relative because it is about inevitable death. This poem speaks of how everyone's family will feel the consequences, similar to how how everyone will receive a funeral.

"If I Die Young" speaks of someone who wants her funeral to be spectacular. She would have to have a perfect funeral because she died young, similar to the equality in everyone's funeral according to Dickinson. The song also speaks of how she's more meaningful when she dies, like the meaningful day for Dickinson's "funeral"

The picture is of Emily Dickinson's tombstone.It's relevant becauseEmily died and had a funeral. She was not well known, but she had a funeral like the "important" people of hertime.


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