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One Day

Area: Brazil Riocurrency:Real(ray-all) R$Flower: Corsage Orchid Staute of Brazil: Christ the Redeermer Offical Language: Portuguese

RELIGIONBrazil is the largest catholic country in the world. Today 73 percent oBrazilians identify themselves as catholic but some of are not catholics by faith but tradition.

One Day

PARTY TIME the feast of the three kings happens on January 6th. The carnival stars from late January to March. Festa juninas( June Festivals). It celebrates a series of popular festivals.

MONEYThe money in Brazil are called Real .(ray-all)R$ is the symbol for the money in their country our is $ and whatever number.LAWThe legal age for drinking and smoking is and older. No gambling it is prohibted BUT you can gamble online because its not Brazilian territory.

MAN V.S WOMANThe women are mostly at home to take care of the house hold.ABOUT BRAZILCorcovade, is famed for its busy copacabana and lpanema beaches as well as its enormous, raucous carnival festival , featuring parade floats , flamboyant costumes and samba.

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