[2016] Eunice Lai: One Day You´ll Know

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[2016] Eunice Lai: One Day You´ll Know

One Day You'll Know Heartland by Lauren Brooke

Protagonist character:Amy Fleming.She is a strong girl and she lets me know never give up . Information about Amy from the author is she is kind and perseverance. She knows how to take care and heal the horses with her heart .

Supporting Character:Ty.He is the stable hand of Heartland and Amy's boyfriend . He is the one who support Amy all the time .

With all Amy's friends and family's support , she has overcome all the obstacles.Amy accepts her mother's death and her father. Jack gets well and go home to celebrate Christmas with Amy and Lou.She also learns a lot like treating people and healing horses from the problems.

This book takes place at Heartland---a horse farm nestled in the hills of Virginia.It happened from November to January during the cold winter. It's also the first Thanksgiving Day Amy celebrated without her mother.





Conflict /Problems:


One Day You'lll Know is a Realistic Fiction(RF)because this book uses made up characters that could happed in real life.

The point of view of this book is third person limited narrator. The sentence from the book that is proving it is ''Amy's heart flipped.With everthing that had been happening , she had push back the thought that Lou might be seeing their father the next day to the back of her mind.'' (p.111)

Point of View:


Lauren Brooke is the pin name of Linda Chapman.She is a British Writer and she wrote Heartland in 2001.

Linda Chapman(Lauren Brooke)

Other books of Heartlandseries.

My connections is Text-to-self.The direct quote is ''Welcome home , Jack,'' Ty said, helping Grandpa out of the car.(p.177) When my family came to Canada in August, my aunt and uncle welcomed us to their Saskatoon and they helped us get out of their van because they know we've never been on a van before. country.

The problems that Amy is facing are a few months ago her mum died in a car ancident.Amy's sister Lou goes to England to find their that abandond them for 12 years and now has a new wife and a baby.After Daybreak the horse was born, Amy's grandpa, Jack gets pneumonia and gets into the hospital.


The theme of this vook is one day you'll know when the good times are here. I believe that's an important fact because when people solved problems with their family's help, they will know the good times are how your family support you.


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