One Child

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One Child

One ChildBy: Torey Hayden

Quiet Corner

One Child by Torey Hayden is a story about a six-year-old girl named Sheila who was placed in Hayden's classroom until an opening at the state hospital was available for Sheila. Sheila presented the same chaotic and despiteful behaviors in the classroom that had ordered her to the state hospital. Hayden learned that Sheila had a very hard time trusting anyone in her life because of her home situation and her mother abandoning her. Hayden realized the true gift of intelligence that Sheila had and nurtured her into developing the most normal life she could possibly have. When an opening at the state hospital hospital became available for Sheila, Hayden used every tool she had to keep such a capable child out of that situation. When Hayden and Sheila finally thought things were working out, Hayden discovered a horrific incident of sexual abuse that had happened to Sheila. Despite all the odds SHeila came back and proved to be even more successful in the classroom. As the school year drew to a close Sheila fought the thought of departure with the only person she had ever really trusted, Hayden. However, Sheila would have to depart with Hayden, and reluctantly did so advancing a whole grade ahaead into a third grade classroom.

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