One Child Policy

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One Child Policy

Glog by: Patience Petty

The One Child Policy

Opposing SidePeople ask why we have the one child policy. Well here is why, it helps dramitcaly with population. With it helping with population it also helps with there being enough jobs open, and has caused better living standards. On average it causes better health care for famalies. If you go by the one child policy you get a certificate that can get them some pretty good benefits. (Completely interest free loans, longer maternity leave, etc.) Also if you have enough money you could pay to have another child.

Main Point 2 In certain famalies in China you are able to have two children. Many can't do this but under some curcumstances some are able to. A couple circumstances include-1. If the couple is handicapped or has a child that is unable to work than they can have another child.2. If the couple remarried but only have one child in total then they can have another child. 3. Both are only children and have only one child so far, they can have another child.4. The husband is a farmer who married a woman already with a daughter (this only if that husband pledges to care for the woman’s parents).

Main Point 1Many women were forced to get abortions for illegally having children. If a women wants to have a child she has to ask permission from the village security gaurd. The abortion rate for woman in China is 29.3%, because this rate is so high there are more female suicides than male suicides. Chinese data show that 13 million abortions are performed each year. With that being said the average amount of abortions per day is 35,000.

Main Point 3If we limit the resources we use then we won't have to limit the lives the way China is.We won't have to get the one child policy. If we upgrade the technology it can save resources, and help with conservation. We used 26.5 tons of oil an still have enough resources. Why are we limiting innocent children's lives?

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Thesis Statment Countries should allow families to have as many children as they want, because there are a rising number of abortions in China, we can limit population without taking lives, and only some families have the exception of having two children.


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