One Came Home

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One Came Home

Wisconsin 1871


Author: Amy Timberlake

My 1st Book Talk

Name:Symone Turner Date: 10-1-14

Agatha Burkhardk ran away with the pigeoners beacuse of her sister Georgie with her big mouth. On Georgie's adventure she runs into some wildlife animal and human.

Main Events

Ma, Mrs.Finister, Agatha,Grandpa Bolte, Sheriff McCabe, Reverend Leland, Georgie, Poly Barford, and Billy McCabe


Title: One Came Home



Do you like the book?

Georgie and her sister Agatha are like normal sister they fight and argue. One day Agatha decided that she would leave because Geogie speaks about somethiong that is none of her buisness. Georgie went after Agatha. Georgie runs in wildlife on her adventure.

I would recomend this book to people who like the feel of mysteries and old timey books. It will keep you engaged at all times.

I liked the book because it gave a feel of the old times. It kept me reading!! You never knew what was coming next. I liked that the author gave flashbacks and told what happened before so you weren't lost.

I like the Book!

Genre: Mystery and historical fiction


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