One Came Home

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One Came Home

Author: Amy Timberlake

Title: One Came Home

Main Events-Agatha Burkhardt runs away.-Georgies Burkhardt, and Billy McCabe go to find her. -They meet Mr.Garrow, and fnd her conterfiting cave.-They have a run in with Mr.Garrow and Bowler Hat, and Georgie shoots off his thumb. -Georgie and Billy return home, to find Georgie was in many newspapers. -Grandfather Bolte dies. -Agatha writes to the Burkhardts.

SettingPlacid Wisconsin, In 1871.

Characters-Georgie Burkhardt-Agatha Burkhardt-Billy McCabe -Grandfather Bolte-Sheriff McCabe -Ma -Mr.Olmstead-Bowler Hat-Mr.Garrow-Mrs.Garrow-Aunt Cleo-Strom-Long Ears -Darlene Garrow


Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

One day, Agatha Burkhardt runs away from her family, when her sutior breaks off there engament. When she doesn't write for awhile, and a body wearing a gown her mother stitched is found and a funeral is held for Agatha, Georgie Burkhardt her younger sister, who refuses to belive she's dead goes to find her. She rents a horse from Billy McCabe, and he decides to come with her. On the way they find a counterfiter, thats want to kill them, and a girl who looks exactly like Agatha who also can't be found.

As Georgie Brukhart and Billy McCabe, go further into there quest to find Agatha Burkhardt, whom everyone else assumes is dead, they encounter counterfitters, who chase them down. They find Billy sleeping, and tie him to a tree. Georgie in a nearby field, shoots off the acomplsies hats, and scares the conterfieter off. As they try to return home, with Mr.Olmstead, Grandfather Bolte dies. After his funeral, Agatha finally writes and says that she is at college, and the girl who died was not her. She explains that she gave the gown to Darlene to get married, and that Mr.Garrow killed her.

I loved the book One Came Home. I am a huge scifi, and mystery fan, and this book just pulled me in. When I read some of the book, I thought that it was leading onwhere, but it picked up very quickly and turned into a thriller. When they found the ribbion in the girls hair, and Georgie stole it, I felt like the book was jumping off the pages. In cunclusion, I would defeintly reccomend reading the book One Came Home.


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