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There is only one option to become an Oncologist whch is going to University. It is not possible to take the pathway of college or Apprenticeship. In order to become an Oncologist, one must take 4 years of medical school. But to even be taken into consideration, one must do at least 2 years of University.

Skills Needed in this Occupation

Education Pathways


Job Prospects

-Unversity of Toronto-Queen's University-McMaster's University

Unversities that offer this program

Job Description

Medical oncologists are physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating cancer. They usually lead a cancer treatment team, composed of a number of different healthcare professionals who work together to provide comprehensive treatment for cancer patients.

1. Diagnostic SkillsThis skill is needed in this occupation since it requires one to figure out the problems to be able to make the right choices and procedures

2. Research SkillsThis skill is needed in this occupation since it requires one to keep up with new research and technology to help benefit your partients

3. Medical and Surgical Procedure SkillsThis skill is needed in this occupation since this career is mainly dieseases which may require medical attension or surgery

4. Interpersonal SkillsThis skill is needed in this occupation because this job experiences emtional vulnerbility and one must be able to express compassion

5. Communication SkillsThis skill is needed in this occupation because this job requires being able to communicate with the patient and other people like family

Job Prospects- Above AverageEmployment Growth- Increased 60% from 2011 while other jobs increased 10%Ocupation in 2013-2017- There will be many new jobs and also many jobs that are still going to exist. Compared to others, there will be a growth in new jobsAreas in Ontario that this job is found in- The two main cities which are Toronto and Ottawa

Salary Range

The salary range for this occupation in around 100k-400k depending on the situation. If you has more experience and/or education, they may be paid higher.


There are no pre-requisites from high school but to get into university, you usually need good grades. On the other hand, getting into Medical School requires an average of +85% and 2-3 years of University. There are no interviews or porfolio required, but there is a test to have a shot at getting into medical school.


Tuition-$65000 (for all 4 year)Residence-$7000 (yearly)


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