Once Upon a Marigold

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Once Upon a Marigold

Once Upon a MarigoldBy: Jean Ferris

Because the book is like a fairy tale. The book is also kinda about Marigold.

The castle, Ed's cave, the forest.


The author might include that Queen Olympia is alive and comes back.

Why do you think the author chose this title for the book?

Christian, Ed, Marigold, King Swithbert, Queen Olympia


Favorite Part of the book:My favorite part was when Christian came to save Marigold. Christian built a machine to fly her away.

Olympia was trying to get Marigold to marry someone, but Marigold wants to marry Christian. Olympia is queen but acts like king and Swithbert is trying to fight agaisnt her to become king again.

If ther was a sequel to this book, what would you want the author to include?


Theme: Courage, friendship, trusting in someone

Point of ViewThird Person


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