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On the Trail

Lifelong-Learner Competencies"Lifelong learning places emphasis on results. To develop the skills and habits associated with lifelong learning, students must: learn beyond the simple recall of facts; understand the connections to and implications of what they learn; retain what they learn; and be able to apply what they learn in new contexts" (http://www2.k12albemarle.org/) Using the list of Lifelong Competencies at http://www2.k12albemarle.org/acps/division/Pages/Lifelong-Learner-Competencies.aspx, as a touchstone for designing a project, apply your new knowledge about the Corps of Discovery, by creating a poster, presentation, diorama, or other product to display in our classroom. Please see the grading information on the right to plan your work.

Task #4: BLOG! Your "exit slip" each week is to participate in the blog at Our Class Website. Read the information, about how you will be asssessed on this assignment. Next, respond to the EXIT SLIP WEEK #1 question, and then become part of discussion by engaging in a blog conversation with at least two other classmates.

Task #3: Read, Write Share! Just 3, 114 miles to go!1. Head to the Lewis and Clark Read a Route web @ http://www.readaroute.com/routes/1 2. Check your syllabus for directions on how to log in using your login and temporary password. Please change your password to one that you will easily remember. 3. Log the minutes you read on your Read-A-Route page. Each day as you log your new time, your trail marker will move you along the same route Lewis and Clark traveled along to the Pacific Ocean in 1804. Be sure to click on the mile markers to read information specific to each location.4. As you finish each book, please log-in and write a book review at your Read-A-Route dashboard. These will be viewed by other readers so please use conventional spelling and good grammar. Please refer to our rubric for more information about grading these writing assignments.

Start here; and then go to Tasks 1, 2, 3 and 4!Welcome Trail Blazers! Let's Hit the Trail!In this mini course, you will: 1. Investigate the adventures of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery, including the purpose and significance of this expedition, 2. Develop a greater understanding of geography, 3. Participate in a reading and writing adventure online that follows this historic trail, and 4. Engage in a discussion about what you are reading with other classmates on our class blog.Click this link to hear a Voki Introduction: CLICK

On the Trail with the Corps of Discovery: an adventure in learning for 4th and 5th graders

Task #2: Prepare to Read Along the Lewis and Clark Trail! 1. Head to our Class Shelfari page at http://www.shelfari.com/groups/103939/about Note: If you don't have an account, yet, please be sure to sign up so you can access our Read...Read... Read Club on Shelfari. 2. Select at least two books to read to get started on your reading adventure along the Lewis and Clark Trail. Most of the books listed should be available at your local library or they can be purchased inexpensively by clicking the Amazon link next to the the book you select. Many books are only one cent, plus postage- a great deal for building your library! 3. You will be letting me know more about your book choices when you begin the next part of this reading - writing journey.Remember: If you are having trouble selecting a book, be sure to email me with any questions you might have.

Image of Lewis and Clark retrieved from http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/assessment/2002/08/lewis_and_clark.html


Task #1: Blog it! What Did You Find Most Remarkable or Unusual About This Adventure? In class, we watched a film about Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's and discussed their remarkable adventure to the west coast in 1804. I have included the film here for you to review. At our class website, blog about what surprised you the most about this remarkable journey. Include any questions you have about Lewis and Clark's journey. Want to discover even more? Go to PBS's Lewis and Clark site by clicking HERE.

Lifelong-Learner Competencies (continued) For grading purposes, use the following scale to help you reach your goal A= Inclusion of 3 or more competencies B= inclusion of 2 competencies C= inclusion of 1 competenciyLifelong learning Competencies from Albemarle County Schools website

Happy Trails!


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