olympic shoes

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olympic shoes

Fluid Friction

Static Friction

Rolling Friction

Snowboards are made and designed with friction in mind. They decide what the board witll be used for. If it is going to be used for racing they want less friction then if they just want to carve down the mountain.

In figure skating you want the least amout of friction as possible. If you have friction you wouldn't be able to glide over the ice as easy. There are only a few times in figure skating that you would want friction. One time would be when you are trying to start skating, you have to have friction to use the ice to get moving. Another time would be when you want to stop. You use the toe pick to stop and gain friction or turn your feet to gain friction and come to a stop also.

Skis are made in many different ways. If you want to ski jump then your skis will be more flexible, but if you want to downhill ski your skis should be riged. Skis are made of fiberglass and coated with epoxy which reduces lots of friction. If a skier wants to reduce even more friction they can wax the bottom of the skis. This lets you glide across the snow. You want more friction when turning and stopping on skis.

For Ice Hockey Skates, you need to be able to glide over the ice to get to the puck as fast as you can and hopefully faster than the other players. Hockey skates use fluid friction and try to have the least amount of friction when moving and to stop you need to turn your skate sideways to create more friction to slow the skater down. You use fluid friction by when you glide over the ice, you are actually melting the ice so when you go over the ice, you are actually gliding over ice.


Olympic Shoes


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