Olympian Gods

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Olympian Gods

ZEUSZeus is the God of the Sky and king of the olympians and is seen with his lightning bolt is an unpredictible person. His wife Hera is also his sister

POSIDEONPosideon is God of the Sea is seen with his Trident. He is very greedy, controls bad weather and is worshiped as fertility god

HadesHades is the God of the Underworld, seen with cap of invisibility. Controls Cerbus

HERAHera is the Queen of Gods, seen with a peacock. She is jealous alot, and she tied to kill Herculales.

ATHENAGoddess of war and wisdom seen with owl. She is smart, female conterpart for Ares.

HESTIARealm is hearth/home, calm and welcoming seen with fireplace. Oldest of Chronos and Rhea children.

ARTEMISGoddess of moon and hunt. Seen with bow and arrow and deer. Goddes of wild animals. One of ZEUS' daughters.


ARES God of War. Symbols are dog wild boar and vulture. Very violent. His bird is a vulture

HERMES God of messenger and divine hearld. Symbols are cadecus and crane. Hermes is very quick and can move between mortal and divine worlds. Served as messenger of the gods.

HEPHAETUSGod of Fire and Forge. Symbol is hammar and quail. Does metal work, he is peaceful god. Borned deformed and an outcast.

APHRODITEGoddess of love and beauty. Symbols are dove swan and rose. She is very beautiful. She is worshipped as Goddess of fertility.

APOLLO Apollo is God of Music and Light. Symbols: lyre and sun. One of ZEUS' sons.


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