Olympian Gods

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Olympian Gods

AnthenaRealm: Widom/WarSymbols: owl, olive, tree, plow,loomChar: Smart, UniqueFact: Zeus's favorite child.

PoseidonRealm: The SeaSymbols: sea,trident, horse,dolphinChar. Quarrelsome, GreedyFact: Hades Brother

HeraRealm: Queen of GodsSymbols: Peacoock, cow, wedding ringChar: Jealous, VengfulFact: Zeus wife

ZeusRealm:King of GodsSymbol: Thunderbolt, eagle,oaktreeChar: GreedyFact: His brother is Posidon

ApolloRealm; Light, Music, ProphecySymbol; lyre, sun, mice, lurel treeChar: TalnetedFact: Sonn of Zeus

ArtemisRealm: Moon, HuntSymbol:moon, deer, siliver, bow and arrowChar: ProtcterFact: Twin sister to Apollo

HestiaRealm; Home, HearthSymbols; FireplaceChar: Loving kindFact: Zeus Sister

HadesRealm; UnderworldSymbols; Pomegranate, cap of invisibityCha; Greedy Fact; Brother of Zeus

HermesRealm; Messenger, DivinehearlsSymbols: caduceus crain Char: violentFact: Son of Zeus

HepaestusRealm; Fire, ForgeSymbol; Hammer, quialChar; Tough, StrongFact; Husband to Aphrodite

AphorditeRealm: Love , BeautySymbols; dove,swan, rosesChar: Beauty, LoveFact; Brother is Ares

AresRealm: WarSymbol:dog,wild boar,vultureChar: ViolentFact:disliked by his parents

Olympian gods


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