Olympian Gods

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Olympian Gods

The goddess of the hunt, moon, and chastity. Her symbol is the bow. She is devoted to what she does.

The god of commerce. His symbol is a pair of flying shoes. He has stolen before and he is a messanger. Fact. He is half mortal and half olympian.

The god of blacksmith. His symbol is an avil. He is talented and strong. Fact: He was criple when he was born.

Goddess of reason and intelligent. Symbols are spear and armour. She is fierce and brave. Fact: Has no mother.

The goddess of love, affection, and beauty. Symbol is Dove. She is beautiful and kind. Fact: She has a magical gridle.

The god of music. His symbols are bow and arrows. He is talented and important. Fact: he is known for his archery.

God of war. His symbols are sword and helmet. He is very violent. Fact: Both his parents dislike him.

The goddess of hearth and family. Her symbols are home and Relationship. She is very caring. Fact: Zeus's sister.

God of the Sea.His symbol is the trident.He is greedy and powerful. Fact: he created the first horse.

God of the underworld. His symbols are invisibility helmet and the pitchfork. He is very wealthy and greedy. Fact: he is Poseidon and Zeus's brother.

Queen of gods.Her symbols are a peacock and cow. She is kind and beautiful. Fact: she was hung by gold chains by Zeus.

God of sky and thunder. His symbol is Thunderbolt. He is greedy. Fact is that he has had a lot of affairs.













The Olympian gods and goddesses


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